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Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Starting out with zero experience, Kim Parker has basically become part of the furniture ever since she walked into the 'oooooeeeee'-charged, pad-smashing haven we WTM-ers call home.

Yes... Kim lost a few pounds... around 90 in fact...

but her successes go far beyond the weight she shed since immersing herself in WTM's Muay Thai community.

"My diet was solid. I have always been active... half-ironman, half-marathons, various other running events. I just decided to mix up the program and the Ladies Only Muay Thai Class at WTM Fitness came recommended."

Pictured above hitting pads with WTM Fitness, Owner and Kru Albert Han. Also posing with WTM Coach Peter Arbeau, who trained one-on-one with Kim for 12 straight weeks, during which she added resistance training to her Muay Thai training and really began to flourish.

Words of wisdom?

Figure out what you enjoy and keep at it. Celebrate the small victories. Set realistic goals and go get em.

What keeps her coming back?

The members and staff. They are the friendliest and never judgemental. Thank-you trainers and all the many friends I've made along the way... especially you crazy ladies ;-)
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