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With over 150 fights and 30 years of teaching and mastering many martial arts - Muay Thai, Hapkido, Judo - Albert has 'the chops' to run his own Muay Thai gym. As exceptional as this is, his credentials are not what draws people (greenies to seasoned trainers) to our cheerful playground. Albert is our ever-present motivator and conscience. When he’s not on the floor sharing his knowledge, he's often the first person who greets you at as you walk in... "where the heck have you been?", and the last one who sends you off... "see you tomorrow RIGHT??". 

30 Years Teaching Martial Arts
17 Years Personal Training Experience
15 Years Muay Thai Certified Kru
7th Dan Kickboxing
5th Dan Hapkido Black Belt
5th Dan Kuk Moo WTM
2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
2nd Dan Judo Black Belt
Competed in 150 Tournament’s



He may be the youngest trainer of the bunch, but Ethan's age does not come close to catching up with his training and experience:

  • CMTA Western Canadian Champion

  • Lived & trained in Thailand for eight months

  • Competed for Team Canada/IFMA three times & won a Silver Medal

  • Competed in IKF twice and won first place

  • Current amateur record is 12-8

  • Started training at six years old



Even when he first began training 13 yrs ago, Kevin demonstrated a discerning eye for Muay Thai technique, style, and  perspective. This propensity toward the more subtle, skillful aspects of the art gave him an edge as a competitive athlete and now affords him keen insight in his role as a Combat Sport Official/Referee.

As a trainer, he is a firm believer in developing a solid foundation of Muay Thai basics because when things get tough in competition, you can always rely on two things: ingrained basics & tenacious heart. 

I always bring my love, energy and enthusiasm for the sport when I step into the gym. And if you come in eager to learn and willing to participate, we're all going to have a good time!

  • 2-0 Pro Kickboxing, 6-2 Am Muay Thai 

  • CCSC licensed Judge & Referee 2019

  • WAKO Canada certified KickboxingJudge & Referee 2018

  • Ring Sports Officials Assoc. 2017

  • Philippine Thaiboxing Assoc. Certified Kru 2017

  • Muay Thai Assoc. of the Philippines Athlete/Assistant Coach 2009

  • Yawyan Philippine Kickboxing Athlete 2006


We are so fortunate to have Sohkim take time out of his already-busy schedule to make time for our members and fighters.

He has a keen eye for clean technique & efficiency, and is known for his love of the traditional Muay Thai style... deliberate single/short combinations laid with intense power & speed.


1998 - WKA Canadian Golden Gloves Super Welterweight Kickboxing Champion

1998 - IKF North American Welterweight MuayThai Champion


Professional Record 2-2-0 : 1 KO
Amateur Record 12-4-0 : 10 KOs - 1 NC



Sean is a enthusiastic trainer with a clear love for the sport. He's perfect if you want to get the techniques down perfectly. Sean started with Kickboxing in 2005. He competed in his first fight in 2008. By 2009 he had received the gold medal at the Mongolian National Championship, he went on to partake in the Mongolian National kickboxing team. In 2009 he went to Thailand for the very first time and participated in Muay Thai training for 3 months. Upon returning home to Mongolia, he competed and won gold in the 2010 Mongolian Muay Thai National Championship! Sean has competed in various locations such as, China, Hong Kong and Shanghai, gaining valuable experience along the way.  Chosen as one of 8 fighters for Canada's Road To ONE Tournament and 4 man tournament. 



Drawing inspiration from watching great fighters such as Yodsanklai, Buakaw, Saenchai, and old masters like Bruce Lee, Fawzi was motivated to pursue martial arts. Currently with 6 fights under his belt the sky is the limit with Fawzul. Very enthusiastic and engaging, if you're looking for an intense workout and you're ready to sweat, Fawzul is the man for the job!



An aspiring teacher in school for his education degree, Niall is a gentle and calm instructor. Niall has 8 years of Muay Thai experience. His wide range of experience and passion for fitness has helped him to motivate and teach clients to be their best.



An ACE certified personal trainer since 2017, Gill has built her life around her passion for fitness and muay thai. With 8 years of muay thai experience and 7 fights under her belt, she has the knowledge, skill set and infectious energy to ensure you reach your goals.

  • ACE Sports Nutrition and Weight Management

  • ACE Sports Performance Specialist

  • CPU certified powerlifting coach

  • Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach

  • 7 fights, including 3 in Thailand

  • Injury prevention and management

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