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WTM Beginners Muay Thai

If you are new to Muay Thai, this class is your first stop... where you'll learn the foundation of the "Art of Eight Limbs". Even If you've been training many years, you'll attend this class time and time again because, no matter how long you've been training, this is home base. Visit often and you'll always learn something new... and leave invigorated and happy.

WTM Beginners Muay Thai

You're hooked. Whenever you lift something - heavy or not - or try to open that stubborn pickle jar, you do so with a loud "oooosh!' You also randomly throw elbows that whiz past the heads of your partner, spouse, or grandma while shouting 'oooweee'!  Yep - it's time to attend Advanced Class... the only way to scratch the itch... and poor grandma will thank us too!

WTM Beginners Muay Thai

Turn off the technology and tune your kid into the power of self-confidence. Our Kids Class nurtures personal and emotional growth through physical activity, discipline, and teamwork in a safe and fun environment. The kids are introduced to all the foundation Muay Thai Strikes and defensive techniques.

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Whether you are just starting out or have been training Muay Thai for some time, this class is for you. Founded on the weapons of Muay Thai -- kicks, punches, knees and elbows, this class is a great mix of heart-pumping fitness and engaging Muay Thai technique.

WTM Beginners Muay Thai

Yup - just ladies here; but, we promise, there is nothing 'foxy' or gimmicky about this class'. You came to learn Muay Thai and you will learn every weapon, every technique... and you will be surrounded by strong, radiant women. Expect to burn calories, make friends, and laugh... a lot!

WTM Beginners Muay Thai

The name pretty much sums it up. Not for the beginner, this class offers our more advanced students the chance to put into practice the offensive and defensive techniques they've been honing during training in a controlled and positive setting. No egos here, just trust, and respect for self and others.

WTM Beginners Muay Thai

After you get a handle on the fundamentals, this class introduces a variety of ways to use your eight weapons. You will drill combinations, learn defensive and offensive techniques, and also practice the all-important art of clinching. And in the midst of so much learning, you will get strong, you will laugh, and you will return for more. See you next time!

WTM Beginners Muay Thai
TEENS MUAY THAI (ages 13-16)

Whether your teen is a beginner or moving up from Kids Class, they will find a home in this class. It's a great mix of fitness & Muay Thai in a supportive, inclusive environment. We stress team accountability and also offer competition opportunities for interested teens, but never pressure those who simply want to learn.

WTM Beginners Muay Thai

This 60-minute heavy bag class is the no frills Muay Thai version of the "studio" boxing classes that have been popping up all over the place. The difference? Ours is light on the 'night-club' vibe (your welcome)... and heavy on the raw, honest-to-goodness grind of working the bag.

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