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Fight Night at Bangla Stadium in Patong and Some Other Stuff

My very first morning of training, after the standard warm-up of running, dynamic stretching, and shadow boxing, I was tapped - then nudged - in the direction of one of the camp's three rings by Kru Dee (aka Kimchee) for my 5 rounds of pad work with a Sinbi trainer. I climbed up the weather-worn steps, peaked my head through two middle ropes and came face-to-face with the Thai version of Freddy Mercury!

I introduced myself to this tall, striking trainer with a prominent black moustache. He said his name was Fa. Not counting this trip, I have trained at the Sinbi camp four times previously and many of the trainers have been around since my first time at Sinbi in 2008; but this was my first time with Fa. I won't go into the details of my five rounds with Fa, but it was a blast with a good dose of cool technique.

Where am I going with this? Well, last night I hopped into a taxi with a bunch of Sinbi students and headed for Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong to watch one of the Sinbi fighters in a Championship Bout. Yup - it was Kru Fa! And what a fight. He snatched the belt from the current champ in the final round... Check this video clip:

Another thing I wanted to share is a cute video of a little ritual that is done after every session at Sinbi:

Oh and one more thing... have to show off my new pair of Sinbi shorts... I'm thrilled!

Ok - off to eat some amazing Thai Food! Only two days left for me... :(

Good night.

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